Luxury Cars and Exotic Cars in Dubai

Dubai is widely known as the Middle East's capital of excess, a state was where money and lavishness reign supreme. Dubai's unfathomably high skyscrapers, reaching into the clouds, are matched only in size by its vast, sprawling shopping malls and its residents' bulging bank balances. It's renowned as a playground for the rich, a place where entire communities of ex-pats enjoy the trappings a tax-free haven can offer.
While it is known today more for its fast cars and life of luxury, it was not that long ago that the city was as familiar with camels and shows as it is now with Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Mercedes Benz, and indoor ski slopes. Dubai was a small fishing settlement when it was taken over in 1830 by a segment of the Bani Yas tribe from the Liwa Oasis. By 1892 foreign traders had begun to flock to Dubai after the emirate declared they would be exempt from tax. As a result, the population doubled and the burgeoning pearl industry started to boom.
The rapid growt…
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